Julian Bakker

Julian Bakker - PhD Student

As a cultural and urban geographer, I’m keenly interested in how we find meaning and make great cities through the arts, culture, and hospitality. In particular, I’m concerned with the ways that craft breweries can positively impact small cities. I examine the ways that this happens through a consideration of multiple theoretical frameworks, including spatial imaginaries, habitus and urban fit, and the ways that dwelling and phenomenologies of the city can inform meaningful development outcomes.  

As a professional, deeply influenced by my studies in geography, I work with people and nations to develop, recover, and steward a variety of places and territories. Critical approaches to place, self, governance, and knowledge creation enrich my ability to assist in working with emerging economies and meaningful landscapes. In addition, a thoughtful engagement with diverse clients creates opportunities to build capacity in land use decision-making, local planning, and community-based remote-sensing. This is complemented by an approach to data collection, analysis, and sovereignty that places precedence on local values and knowledge, and how those are safeguarded and transmitted within community.


Bakker, J. (2009). “Place, Meaning, and Experience.” Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference (Best Undergraduate Presentation).

Bakker, J. (2012). “Competing Views of Aesthetics in Geography.” Western Division of the Canadian Association of Geographers Conference.

Bakker, J., Simpson, M., & Quinlan, C. (2015). “Enabling and Maximising the Benefits of Beer, Wine and Liquor Sales at Your Farmers’ Market.” Thrive! BC Association of Farmers’ Markets Conference.

Bakker, J. (2018). “The Impact of Craft Beer on Urban Places – How Do Hipsters Change a City?” Colloquium talk presented at VIU Masters in Community Planning.

Creative outputs

2012 – “Noble Beast Gewurztraminer.” VQA certified artisanal wine.

2011 – “Nanaimo Under 30.” Juried art exhibition. Awarded first place.

2011 – “Europe in Infrared.” Solo photography exhibition.

2009 – “Everything You Don’t Have.” Stereoplane. Audio Recording. Writer/Performer/Producer. Hipposonic/Fontana

2007 – “Star Trails.” Spirit of the West. Second Engineer. Audio Recording. Maplecore/Universal

Awards and Scholarships

M.A. Micklewright Award

Pacific Century Scholarship

Canada Millenium Scholarship

UVic Doctoral Fellowship