JiaRui Zhu

JiaRui Zhu - Masters Student

I am JiaRui Zhu, a passionate advocate for social justice and urban sustainability currently pursuing a Master of Science in Social Dimensions of Health at the University of Victoria, Canada. With a solid academic foundation in Urban and Rural Planning from Beijing Forestry University, where I graduated with First-Class Honours, I am deeply committed to addressing complex societal issues through research and action. Throughout my academic journey, I have been honored with prestigious scholarships, including the Beijing Forestry University-level Progress Scholarship and the University of Victoria Graduate Scholarship, which reflect my dedication to academic excellence and innovative thinking.

My research interests span a wide array of topics, including social justice, environmental justice, and urban planning. I have had the privilege of exploring these areas through various research projects, including my Bachelor's thesis on the Urban Regeneration Design of Healing Spaces in the Post-Epidemic Era. This project allowed me to propose unique street designs aimed at fostering healing and community resilience in the wake of crises, integrating social and psychological theories of trauma into urban regeneration efforts.

Furthermore, my experience in conducting urban social research on the spatial patterns of potential sexual aggression in Beijing universities has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of gender dynamics and spatial inequality. Through meticulous data collection and analysis, I have identified key characteristics of spaces prone to potential aggression, contributing valuable insights to the discourse on gender equity and safety in urban environments.

In addition to my research endeavors, I have engaged in investigations and analyses of crime and security hazards in urban parks, as well as the real estate economies of tourism in China. These experiences have deepened my understanding of the complex interplay between urban development, socioeconomic dynamics, and public health outcomes.

I am also passionate about global development and have participated in projects such as the Introduction to Global Development based on the UN Report, where I critically examined different definitions of development and policy approaches to promoting socioeconomic progress.

In summary, my academic journey and research experiences have equipped me with a diverse skill set and a deep commitment to effecting positive change in communities. I am eager to leverage my knowledge and expertise to contribute meaningfully to initiatives aimed at promoting social justice, environmental sustainability, and public health.