Sharon Dias

Sharon Dias - PhD Student

Hello! I am an urban geographer, passionate about the relationships between cities and housing. These two major topics have driven my research to take a special look at the spatial and social interactions of low-income communities on urban settlements in the Global South. I also enjoy learning from different cultures. I am fluent in Portuguese, English, have a good command of Spanish, and I am also learning German. My academic background is in Brazil, where I did my undergraduate and master’s degrees. In my previous studies, I developed community-based research to investigate the everyday life of two communities displaced and reallocated in a massive housing project for low-income people, their struggles and living strategies. Working daily with such communities has influenced me as a researcher and as a person, nurturing my desire to seek for adequate housing and social justice.

I am currently a PhD student at University of Victoria, where I am in a Joint PhD Program in partnership with the Federal Fluminense University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At UVic, I am based on the Critical Geographies Research Lab working under supervision of Dr. Reuben Rose-Redwood. My current research draws upon the impacts of financialization of housing on low income people in the Global South/Brazil. Within my research, I expect to stress such impacts, but also highlight low-income householders’ perspectives on housing development. I continue to focus on communities’ housing needs, community engagement and social movement actions for the right to adequate housing and for the right to the city. Additionally, I have experience teaching human geography and urban planning related courses for undergraduate students (as sessional lecture in Brazil), and currently as a teaching assistant consultant (in Canada). I have also worked for human rights in non-profit organizations, participatory urban planning, and social housing development.


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