Past Members



Simon Springer

Former Lab Co-Director

Anarchist geographies, homelessness, neoliberalism, geographies of violence


Maleea Acker

PhD Student Alumnus

Geopoetics, geohumanities, creative geographies, place, home, dwelling, more-than-representational geographies, feminist geographies

Paige Bennett

MA Student Alumnus

Climate change documentaries, environmental communication, film geography, moral geographies, media studies

Tyler Blackman

MA Student Alumnus

Digital geographies, virtual reality, immersive technologies, digital games, performativity

Spencer Bradbury

MA Student Alumnus

Governmentality, techniques of the self, performativity, subject formation, discourse analysis, social media, globalization, neoliberalization, Latin America, cosmetic surgery, tourism

Jennifer Mateer

PhD Student Alumnus

Environmental management, environmental justice, urban political ecology, alternative resource management, the hydro-social cycle, biopolitics of the environment, alternative ethnographies, neoliberalism, and the right to the city

Maral Sotoudehnia

PhD Student Alumnus

Alternative economies, big data, blockchains, critical data studies, cryptocurrencies, critical toponymies, feminist geographies, posthumanism, urban studies

Audrey Tung

MA Student Alumnus

Household food insecurity, political economy, geographies of health