Paige Bennett

Paige Bennett - MA Alumnus

My research interests revolve around social justice, climate change, and environmental communication. My undergraduate Honour’s thesis introduced me to the possibilities of applying critical geographical theory to complex issues relating to climate change and the media. My current research explores the messaging of climate change documentaries using critical discourse analysis. More broadly, I am interested in identifying and deconstructing ideologies that perpetuate systems such as neoliberalism and colonialism, and how such systems are embodied within popular discourses such as media. My research currently revolves around film as it is a medium through which hegemony can be both reinforced and challenged. Furthermore, I am interested in finding more equitable ways to communicate about, and combat, the increasingly urgent issue of climate change.


Representing Northern Indigenous Peoples in the Age of Climate Change: A Critical Analysis of Climate Change Documentaries and Media Communication.  Guest Lecture, GEOG 314 class at the University of Victoria (2018).

"But What Does it Mean to Us?" Dominant Settler Discourse on Arctic Climate Change and Their Contributions to Colonial Processes. Conference Presentation, Bridging the Gap: University of Victoria Student Conference, Victoria, Canada (2016).